408 Cheyatc with suppressor


Sako TRG 338 Lapua


Load development consists of making different batches of ammunition to find out what load shoots best in YOUR rifle.  Every rifle is different, even if they are the same model and caliber.

Everything is shot over a CED M2 Chronograph to get the FPS data.

I do not limit to what calibers I load for.  Whatever you have, I load for it.

I can load anything from the 408 Cheytac that you see in the picture to your .223 and everything in between.  Most things we do are longrange oriented, so if you want your Cheytac dialed in at 2000+ yards, no problem.

What you get:  Your rifle dialed in to whatever distances you would like (0-2000+yards) and shot at these distances to verify actual drops.

All the data you need to enter into your ballistics calculator to get the correct drops for the distances specified.  Trajectory tables to any distance.

Chronograph results.  All reloading data needed to replicate the load if you wish to reload yourself.

The service above is $175 for common magnum cartridges.  Cheytac based cartridges are $300 and up.  Give me a call and we can talk.

This price does not include loaded ammo.  Rifle ammo has a minimum order of 100 rounds and includes 50 round ammo cases for storage.

Email me for a quote, Brian@Shoot-Long.com or just call me at 801-427-1126 Brian.  We can talk about what your specific needs and wants are.