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These are Custom 2 Die Sets from Redding for the 338 Edge (338/300 Ultra).  Redding makes the best Dies in the business.  They have a 338 tapered neck sizing button already installed.  No need to buy anything else, just apply a little Imperial Sizing Wax to the inside of the necks of your 300 RUM brass and run them up into the FL sizing die.  That’s it, 338 Edge brass done.

*********I personally use these dies and get consistent bullet runout of .001 or less!!

These are NOT bushing dies and do not have a micrometer top on the seater.  Both of those things will cost you another $100.   I try to keep these in stock but they go really fast.  Custom dies are a 16 week wait right now.


•  Plastic Storage Case
•  Spare Decapping Pin
•  Allen wrench included for lock rings
•  Lifetime Warranty

Redding 338 Edge 2 Die Set
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