These Triple X brand laser rangefinder cases are the only cases on the market made just for the Swarovski Laser Guide Rangefinder. The plastic cup that comes with the Swarovski does not protect your expensive rangefinder at all. My case is made in the USA and protects your rangefinder from top to bottom.

It is made of 1000 denier Cordura nylon which is water resistant and very abrasion resistant . It is padded top, bottom and sides. The inside of the lid has a super soft padding that is safe for touching the ocular lens if the rubber cap happens to fall off or you loose it. It has a very wide loop to go on your belt and a silent buckle closure, no noisy velcro.

Made in the USA to the highest standards just like my other Triple X brand rifle cases and ammo wallets. The workmanship is top notch.

If you own a Swarovski rangefinder, you need one of these!! The inside measurements of the case are 5 1/4″ tall 4 1/2″ wide and 2 1/4″ deep, so if you have any other brand rangefinder that is similar in size, this would be a great upgrade over anything that came with it from the factory.

Swarovski Case
Swarovski Case
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