T2 & T3 Brakes 008


The world famous Terminator brakes that you have seen on YouTube from New Zealand are finally coming to the States, to be readily available for everyone.

Here is a link to a comparison of popular brakes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rf3rLi8L67I

They are here and ready to buy.  All brakes are made of Stainless Steel.  Stock is always current.  I can get other threads but you would have to wait for them.  I have these on hand, listed below. Please Read DescriptionsTYPE WHAT THREAD SIZE YOU NEED AFTER YOUR LAST NAME AT CHECK OUT.

T1 – 7/16×28 and 1/2×28 threads.  Light weight choice (only 1.2 oz.), performs extremely well for its size.  The 7/16 thread is the same as the Kimber Ascent rifles.  1.97″ long X .680″ O.D.  Bead Blasted SS.


T2 – 1/2×28, 9/16×28, 5/8×24 threads.  (2.2 oz.)Dimensions – 2.4″ long X  .830″ O.D.  A Slimmer Choice if You Have a Smaller Contoured barrel.  .30 cal Magnums and Smaller  Bead Blasted SS


NEW! T2B 1/2×28 or 5/8×24 threads. (2.2 oz.) The 1/2×28 Thread option is opened up for .223 for your AR-15 or bolt gun.  The 5/8×24 thread is opened up for .30cal rifles.  A perfect fit for your Ruger Precision Rifle 6.5 or 30 cal.  KG Gunkoted flat black. 2.4″ long and .830″ O.D.


T3 – 9/16×28, 5/8×24, 3/4×24, 18×1  threads.   ( 3 oz.)Dimensions – 2.7″ long  X .985″ O.D.   Great Choice For any 338 Magnum cartridges and Smaller.  Most Popular Size.  9/16×28 is same thread as  Christensen Arms rifles.  18×1 Replacement for your TRG is already opened up to .338. 3/4×24 Desert Tech Replacement.  Bead Blasted SS


T3B – 5/8×24 Threads Only, (3 oz.)Tapered Back, Coated Black, Center Hole Reamed Out For .338, No Smithing Required just use the factory crush washer to time the brake on your Savage 338 Lapua.  These will also work on Remington 338 Lapua factory rifles with a crush washer or any other rifle that is already threaded with 5/8×24 threads.


NEW! TT – 5/8×24 thread, ( 3.2 oz.)nut included for self install.  Ruger Precision Rifle Muzzle brake for all calibers .308 and smaller. Pictured below. Also fits Tikka CTR rifles and any other rifles 30 cal and smaller with 5/8×24 thread size. Dimensions 2.5″ long X .980″ O.D.

TT Terminator on RPR

TA – 5/8×24 and opened up for .338.  Self  Timing nut like pictured above on the TT.  Dimensions are just a tad bigger. 3.1″ long 1.1″ O.D.

T4 – 3/4×24, 5/8×24 threads.   ( 7.7 oz.)Dimensions – 3.6″  long X 1.22″ O.D.  A Good Lighter Choice For Cheytacs or 338 magnums where weight is not an issue..  Bead blasted SS


T5 -3/4×28, 7/8×20, 14X1 threads.  (13.5 oz.)Dimensions – 4.45″  long X 1.50″ O.D.  This is the Go-To for Cheytacs and 50 BMG as Well.  Bead Blasted SS


T6 – 7/8×14 or 1X14 threads.  6″ long and 2″ O.D. it is a beast of a brake for your 50 BMG.  Bead Blasted SS

******ALL BRAKES (except the T3, T3B, T2B 5/8×24, TT, T4 and T5) have a .250″ center hole and need to be reamed out to customers specific caliber when installed.  T3 will accept .30 cal without reaming. T4 will accept .338 without reaming.  T5 will accept .375 without reaming*****


Email me directly for inquiries  Brian@Shoot-Long.com



Terminator Brake
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1Terminator Brake T2$200.00Band 16
2Terminator Brake T3$220.00Band 16
3Terminator Brake T4$240.00Band 14
4Terminator Brake T5$275.00Band 14
5Terminator Brake T3B .338 Black 5/8X24$250.00Band 14
6Terminator Brake T1$180.00Band 12
7T2B Black .30 cal 5/8x24$215.00Band 15
8T2B Black .223 1/2x28$215.00Band 11
9Terminator TT 5/8x24$255.00Band 14
10Terminator TA 5/8x24 .338$255.00Band 11
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