If you are looking at these you know what they are and yes, you must have one.  These rangefinders make all other rangefinders look like Fisher Price toys.   You must contact me to check stock and to order.  Brian 801-427-1126


The Vectronix Terrapin delivers the smallest, lightest and most powerful laser range finder in its class. Wrapped in a rugged yet lightweight aluminum housing, the Terrapin range finder offers exceptional range out to 2,400 meters (many have reported getting 3,000+ yards) and operating capability under a wide variety of environmental conditions. The Terrapin offers water resistance up to 1 m for 60 minutes. The small dimensions of 128 x 104 x 47 mm and the low weight of 500 g make the Terrapin range finder an ideal companion, especially for snipers, marksmen, and for police and law enforcement applications. The power-efficient design allows over 7,000 measurements on two CR123 batteries.

    • Weight: 500 g
    • Dimensions: 128 x 104 x 47 mm (LxWxH)


Vectronix Terrapin Rangefinder
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